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Notepad Online – Take all your notes online

    Welcome to Notepad Online – The free online notepad.

    Notepad online is a completely free to use browser-based text editor. Notepad online allows you to create and edit multiple plain-text files as well as rich-text files from within your browser from anywhere in the world with a working internet connection. Even though there is option to register and login (100% free) it is not at all required for you to get started with Notepad online. Logging in comes with the advantage of keeping documents saved for you, so you may save online and access them later. However, Notepad Online gives you the option of downloading your created documents directly to your system, or phone and resume from wherever you left off. The documents are stored and retrieved in .txt format.

    The great thing about Notepad online is that your content is being autosaved very frequently, so that if you experience a browser crash, you will be able to retrieve your data from where you left off and resume working on it right where you left off. Notepad Online is just as accessible from your home as it is from a supercomputer, from anywhere in the world from any device.

    You can create as many documents as you want, you are only limited by how many browser windows your system can keep open at a time.  

    Notepad Online is chock full of features that make it a very powerful document editing tool. You can Undo and Redo as you type (Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y), and you can do a whole lot more. The features included within are as follows:


    If you are working on a document on a different platform and want to continue with it using Notepad online, you can upload the text file and seamlessly resume online from wherever you left off.

    Similarly, if you had been creating and managing a document from the safety of your own browser, you can save it to your system and upload it to Notepad Online and resume right from where you left off.

  • How to upload
    1. Click on upload and an in-browser explorer window will open.
    2. Locate your intended file (should be in .txt format) and click on that.
    3. The file will immediately load to your text editor window and you can resume where you left off.

    This works with any .txt file regardless of which tool was used to create it in the first place.

Create New Notes

    When you want to work on a series of documents, or perhaps even multiple unrelated documents, simply clicking on “Create New Notes” will launch another browser tab with a preloaded page of Notepad Online with a blank new note for you to start writing on.

  • How to Create New Notes?
    1. Just click on the button titled “Create New Notes.”
    2. Your old work will be safe in the same tab, while a new tab opens with a blank text editor from Notepad Online.

Find and Replace Word

    It is not uncommon for writers to want to replace a certain recurring word with another.  This is quite common in creative writing where you want to rename a character, or in business writing when you want to recycle a proposal for a different company. Keep in mind, this function works across all instances of the recurring word, it is not just a one-off.

  • How to find and replace a word?
    1. Click on the button “Find and Replace Word” and a quick menu will pop up.
    2. In the box under the word “Find”, enter the word you want to replace.
    3. In the box under the word “Replace” enter the new word you want to replace the old one with.
    4. Click submit.
    5. All occurrences of the original word will be replaced by your new word.

Encrypt and Decrypt

    Security in the modern age is of utmost concern. It is understandable that you would want to protect your documents against unauthorized access. To help you accomplish this, Notepad online offers a feature that lets you Encrypt and Decrypt your document as you please. This way, you can create a document, encrypt it, save it and carry it around without worry that anyone might get access to your data. Whenever you want to resume working on it, you can decrypt the file and continue normally.

  • How to use Encrypt and Decrypt?
    1. Click on “Encrypt & Decrypt” to encrypt your document.
    2. Your document will look like a lot of garbled collection of words that will appear to make no sense.
    3. You can save your document as you want, but please make sure not to make any changes whatsoever to the encrypted file, otherwise your original content will be lost permanently.
    4. When you want to resume editing the document, click on “Encrypt & Decrypt” again and you can continue working on your document.

Text Editor

    Notepad Online offers you all the power of a standard notepad, with the additional power of rich-text editing that can be turned on and off at your will using the “Text Editor” Toggle. The regular editor lets you work on text files as you regularly would, however, if you want to add some formatting the Text Editor will let you do that.

  • How to use Text Editor?
    1. Click on “Text Editor” until the button says “on” and a formatting menu will appear above your text box and your fonts will change to Arial.
    2. To remove the menu, click on the “Text Edit” toggle again until it says “off”, and you will be editing your content regularly.  
    3. Symbols - Use text symbols from this page copy and paste here the symbols and use.
  • Save
  • Even though your document is being preserved in the browser every second, you still have the option of manually saving the document. For unregistered users, you can save only one document in a browser, however, if you get registered, you can save as many documents as you want (no limit).

    How to use save

    1. Just click on save. Simple.
  • Capital Case

  • Upper case is when you want to make the first letter of each word into upper case. You can make regular text ‘It Will Look Like This”.

  • Lower Case

  • In case you want to turn all your written content into lower case, then you can just click on “Lower Case” and your content will immediately become lower cased. “it will look like this.”

  • Upper Case

  • If you want to turn your document into all caps, click on “Capital Case” and all your content will become capitalized. “IT WILL LOOK LIKE THIS”.

  • Download
  • Whenever you think you want to keep a local copy of your document, you click on “Download” and the file will download to a folder of your choice.

  • Copy
  • You can either press “Ctrl + A” and “Ctrl + C” (or right click and “copy”) to copy your entire file (to paste wherever you like), or you can just save yourself the effort and click on the “Copy” button, and a small dialog will appear acknowledging that you have copied the document.

  • Clear
  • Be very careful when you use this, if you click on this all your content will be cleared and you will have a fresh window to populate with new text.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is notepad online?

This is a browser-based online notepad tools. You can use this to save any text from the internet and get access to it anywhere. This is a notepad app that supports auto save and edit notes. You can create a large number of notes for different purposes.

Why should I use notepadonline.co?

You can even create an account and save as many notes as you like private, public, protected. If you are on the go, this solution is ideal for your note-taking needs 100% Free online tool. You can get Other features like Find and Replace Word, Encrypt and Decrypt notes, Text Editor, case converter, Characters and words counter, notes Download option, And many more..

How can I copy paste in Notepad online? I don’t see a button

You can either toggle the “Text Editor” on to see the undo and redo button, or you can use your keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl Z, Ctrl Y) at any time to do the same.

Are there any fees/payments involved in using Notepad Online?

“No, none at all. There are no charges, and the site is 100% free to use in its entirety.

If the service is free, why do I need to sign up?

You don’t need to sign up to use Notepad online. Signing up, or registering, will help you save multiple notes online without risking losing a save over a faulty browser. If you are interested in creating only one file at a time, then you can use Notepad Online without signing up.

What kind of files can I work on with Notepad Online?

While you can copy and paste text from literally any word editing tool, Notepad online saves and uploads from and to .txt files only.

What if I need to use Symbols?

We have an entire page dedicated to different symbols (https://notepadonline.co/symbols) that you can copy from and paste into your regular document and work with them as you see fit. These symbols are ASCII characters and can easily be transferred on to any word document without loss of data.

How long will my registered account last?

Notepad Online is yours to use for free for as long as you want. There is no expiry date on your account, or the site, so you can be at ease.

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